Price: kr.11.900

A Zipline in Vik, South Iceland

A Zipline in Vík, South Iceland is exactly what you were looking for, that is the perfect adrenaline kick for you, your friends or your whole family. 

This is an incredibly unique way to take in the raw Icelandic nature as you are soaring high above, getting a breathtaking hawk’s view of it all for over a  240 meter distance. It is a fun and safe challenge for those that want a thrill seeking experience in untouched nature, but only if you dare.

The impressive four zipline rides are 30 meters, 120 meters, 140 meters, and 240 meters and are only a few minutes hike from the base where we park. The River canyon is not really accessible by common vehicles so we will instead meet close to the town Vík and drive in our vehicles for only 5 minutes.