Price: kr.29.900

Ice Cave – Adventures Dream

Cascade into a frozen cave fit for a fantasy on a dream that connects you into the depths of the glacial underworld.

For those who would like an ice cave experience at its best then this ice cave tour is for you.  Visiting less crowded ice caves is just perfect, giving you ample time to explore the marvelous nature and most especially the amazing glacier itself. And not only that, in some cases we can trek in the beautiful glacier landscape with all the wild and unspoiled nature. Indeed an engaging experience!

Get in proper gear and we will take care of all the safety gear like crampons, helmets, harnesses, and ice picks. We will journey on this 4 to 6 hours tour depending on location and weather. We will traverse and explore the ice cave and enjoy the magnificent shapes in the ice cave. On board the super jeep we will go as close as we can to the glacier. Capture that perfect Instagram photo of this breathtaking moment.

We will spot the best and most scenic Ice cave for you taking into priority your safety. And although nature would decide how they are shaped and where they are located, we are equipped with incredible alternatives for you in case nature is elusive and decide not to let us go. Every Ice Cave trip might be different but all are equally special. Get ready with your cameras as we journey into this astonishing adventure.

Meeting point
Jokulsarlon (glacier lagoon/ice lagoon

Latitude: 64.048399 | Longitude: -16.179443
Jökulsárlón (Parking Area)

Moderate / Hard for some – Accessible to all those in good health.

Group Size
8 persons

Good clothes, hats, gloves, and hiking shoes are very important!

Gear Provided
Crampons, helmets, harnesses, and other safety gear if needed.

Enjoy the Tour!

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