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Icelandic Lava Show Reykjavík

Iceland is not known as the land of ice and fire for nothing. This makes the country a haven for people captivated by lava, volcanoes, and geology. LAVA SHOW Reykjavik is the only live Lava show in the world where you can safely experience hot molten lava up close! An Educational and exhilarating experience in one show. Definitely, an encounter to experience in Iceland! Take a look at the lovely reviews!

An incredible and unique experience

Be amazed by how the show recreates a volcanic eruption using real lava from the 1918 Katla eruption. Yes, superheating real lava and pouring it into a showroom full of people! Definitely an engaging experience. The show intensifies when the showroom heats up to a toasty temperature. An epic battle between the elements and a unique opportunity to get close to red-hot lava, see it flowing, hear it sizzling, and feel the intense heat that radiates from it. Truly an astonishing experience!

The host would kick off the show by showing a short educational video highlighting the massive and largest volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Interesting Icelandic volcanism as well as the volcanoes close by. Plus the dangers surrounding the capital area.

And to make the show more amusing, the host would synchronize  PLAYING WITH THE LAVA tune as the lava starts to flow into the showroom. Intimate, thrilling, and definitely one of a kind. Such an entertaining moment we bet! A newfound appreciation for nature would make the show more memorable. Surely, a fresh glimpse of Iceland’s magnificent side!

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