From Vík
From Vík

Ice Caving by Katla Volcano Under Mýrdalsjökull Glacier | Departure from Vik


Visit this truly unique Ice Cave underneath Katla volcano. Witness the breathtaking combination of fire and ice inside one of the rarest natural phenomenon

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Come join us in the one of a kind natural Ice Cave. Join us on a Super Jeep up to the glacier, where you’ll enter a natural ice cave.

The view inside the Ice Cave is truly spectacular the combination of the colors of the ice, you will get the chance to see some amazing black ice as well as some blue ice features. The Katla Ice Cave is truly unique. The ice cave is located in Kötlujökull Glacier which is an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. Underneath the glacier waits the mighty volcano Katla where the both the glacier and the ice cave takes their name from.

The tour departs from the village of Vík where you will hop on a Super Jeep that takes you up to the ice cave. There you will put on crampons and a helmet to prepare you to walk inside the natural ice cave. Your expert guide will inform you all about the glacier and how the ice cave is formed by mother nature.

The meeting point for this tour is outside Ice Cave Bistro in Vík. For directions, click on the map.

✓ 09:30
✓ 13:30

✓ 3 hours

✓ Easy

Minimum age
✓ 8 years

✓ Year round

✓ Katla Ice Cave
✓ Natural Ice Cave

✓ Super Jeep Ride
✓ Certified Guide
✓ All Safety Ice Cave Equipment

What you need to bring
• Hiking boots
• Warm clothing (first layer)
• Waterproof clothing (second layer)

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